What are you blathering on about?

It was worth an effort

It was worth an effort



As my father wisely points out, in breakfast, the chicken is involved, but the pig is committed.


I'd like to think I am a pig. Yes, maybe Jewish as well, but a pig nonetheless. I believe in commitment, and the transformative power of challenge, except for the times when I don't. I try to make myself uncomfortable. I try to stretch myself and do things beyond my limits. I don't believe that comfort and relaxation aid in the pursuit of life's transcendent moments. When I set out to do something, I try to do it.

I also own blankets, chairs with cushions, a couch and a soft sweater. I do not pretend to live some sort of a better, New Alpinism life. I just think there is a lot of learning and joy to be gotten from suffering, anguish and doubt. Type II Fun is that. It is fun, but only in retrospect. It is the moment where you ask yourself why exactly you decided to do this. It is a very durable sort of fun; it sticks around.

My writing often grapples with Type II Fun experiences, experiences that sucked because I rode my bike for 24 hours, or because I take anti-depressants, or because I used to be anorexic, or because it was raining. Challenge makes for better stories anyway.

So this is a place where I put the things I am proud of. Sometimes they're about suffering and challenge.  Sometimes they're just stories. But they're all true stories.